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Cymbomute Sets - Cymbomute Set Of 4 Cymbal Mutes Pads Silencers Dampeners - Black
Cymbomute Set of 4 cymbal mutes pads silencers dampeners - Black £38.99
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WIDE RIDE - Cymbomute WIDE RIDE 22 / 23 Inch Ride Cymbal Mute Pad Dampener Silencer - Black
Cymbomute WIDE RIDE 22 / 23 inch Ride Cymbal Mute Pad Dampener Silencer - Black £19.99
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Cymbomute 16/17 & 18/19 2-Pack
Cymbomute 16/17 & 18/19 2-Pack £19.99
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Cymbomute Ride & Hi-Hat 2-Pack
Cymbomute Ride & Hi-Hat 2-Pack £27.99
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Because we believe that REAL cymbals are a joy to play

Cymbomute gives you the freedom to achieve more from your practice.

Whatever your choice of cymbals and wherever you are - we can send you the practice mutes you need.

Cymbomute, the best practice mute for REAL cymbals - no pads, no plastic.

For all sizes & types of cymbal.

Keep the feel of your full cymbal set-up - but cut the volume.

All for less than re-heading your kit, or re-stocking your stick bag.


Hugh's Blog

Cymbomute June NEWS

June 10, 2016

I have been very busy in the office these past few months. - Finally we have made the leap to supplying a distributor! I am proud to announce that VBV International (France) will be supplying Cymbomute to around 40 retail stores across France from now on. As I write this post, Cymbomute is already listed on and *round of applause please*... It has been a long time coming, but once things are up and running smoothly with the France deal, we should be able to start supplying more distribution companies across Europe - and the the Rest of the World. Thanks again, Hugh.

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April News

April 26, 2016

We did it! The new 2-Packs are finally out! It took a lot of work as we have redone all the packaging across the board while we were at it, but now the NEW Cymbomute Range is complete - and relax... In other news, as of April 1st Cymbomute Ltd is now a VAT registered company in the UK - this means business customers in the UK and Europe can now reclaim the VAT inherent in our prices - good news then! And more "other" news - The Cymbomute trademark (US) has finally landed. With this now in the bag, Hugh is gearing up and preparing for talks with new re-sellers across the USA - watch this space...

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