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Cymbomute Pro360º 16/17 inch Cymbal Mute

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Cymbomute - Your cymbals MUTED.
Fold the mute, stretch it around the cymbal rim… and the sound is gone with no loss of feel.

The Next Generation of Cymbomute - Cymbomute Pro360º
Featuring an innovative HYBRID stretch fabric and silicone material with Silicone Bumper Technology (S.B.T.)
Never has a 360º Cymbal mute been so highly engineered.

The Cymbomute Pro360º has a built-in silicone bumper to receive stick impact - leaving the fabric to do the sound absorption.
Also featured is a four-strand yellow reinforcement stripe under the silicone to highlight the bumper – it looks great!
The added strength, durability, and aesthetics of this mute mean it firmly deserves the ‘PRO’ moniker.

The same great Cymbomute idea just went up a gear!
“Makes the process of practicing on cymbals at low volume easier, cleaner, and quieter" - Modern Drummer Magazine USA

Since 2013, has been leading the way in innovative ways to mute your cymbals for practice.
Cymbomute practice mutes allow drummers to “Keep the Feel – Cut the Volume” when practicing on a REAL cymbal set-up.
Why spend £££ on extra gear like low volume cymbals, electronics or pads?
Cymbomute: No ‘pad-aim’ No ‘rubbery rebound’ – just play!

In the pack: ONE Cymbal mute for 16/17 inch diameter cymbals.

Note: Cymbals not included.
Tip: Overly aggressive use / bad technique will reduce the lifespan of anything you hit.

Endorsed by:
Steve White (UK) Russ McKinnon (USA) and more.

Cymbomute Pro 360º is available in 4 individual & versatile sizes:
- 13/14/15” (Hi-Hat / Small Crash)
- 16/17” (Crash / Small China)
- 18/19” (Crash / China)
- 20/21/22” (Large Crash / Ride / China)

YOUR Cymbals - Muted.

  • Low Volume Cymbals with no extra gear.
  • Real Cymbal Feel.
  • An innovation trusted by 1000’s of drummers worldwide.
  • Cut the Volume & protect your hearing during practice
  • No 'pad aim' so no compromise in your playing style
  • Keep the feel of playing your REAL cymbals
  • A high quality, British-made, class leading product
  • No loss of stick rebound
  • Cymbal Mute Dampener Silencer
  • Quiet Practice on the cymbals you use live
  • Keep the Feel - Cut the Volume
  • Fold Stretch & Play - Just Play
  • The best cymbal mute - no pad, no plastic

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Welcome to quiet practice with real cymbals.

To get the most from your mutes, follow our advice:


Unique to Cymbomute is our specialist self-folding stretch material.

There is a skill to fitting them:

fold Stretch play

  • PRE-FOLD mutes by hand before fitting
  • The rim fold will develop over time
  • Watch our fitting videos


Like sticks & drumheads, Cymbomute cymbal mutes are consumables. Intensity of use affects lifespan.
No splinters cracks keep cymbals loose HiHat only top

stick angle  no angry drumming

  • Don’t overstretch mutes - use the correct size
  • Store mutes off cymbals & out of direct sunlight



Need to replace or add to your set-up? Cymbomute are available in sizes 6-24 inch

Cymbomute, The class leader in cymbal mutes. Designed & made in the U.K.

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